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A Geriatrics Psychosocial website offers innovative yet sensible practice tools, information, and resources to make geriatric mental health and psychosocial assessments and interventions easier and more effective for all health care and social service practitioners. We hope this Web site helps you in your efforts to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of older adults. ( was recognized in an article by BusinessWeek.)
Ask Dr. Abrams, Geriatric Psychiatrist

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This interactive section of CornellCARES provides health care practitioners with pertinent geriatric mental health information.

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Check here for Dr. Abrams' answers to general geriatric mental health questions submitted.

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Geriatrics Psyschosocial Patient Handouts

Patient Handouts
Patients can receive valuable information and resources from handouts. The patient handouts on this Web site have been approved by New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Choose from one of the categories below to view patient handout topics in English or Spanish. Additional topics will be online soon. test


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Supportive Home Services

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